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DEIRDRE WHEELER is the title character in my new play, a black-comedy about a pair of twisted-sisters, called…


The first draft was written last summer, while bushfires raged in the wild valleys and precipitous slopes, close to my home,  the ghost-town Tambaroora, in the Central West of NSW.

Our cactus put on this display the morning of the worst fire-danger day. Not much got written that day!
In between laying out hoses, servicing fire pumps, battling with plumbing connections, preparing to evacuate and, despairing, as precious water evaporated into a wind-swept and smoke-filled sky, this piece was completed.

Someone lit a rocket in remote bush to celebrate the New Year! 

It is a huge achievement to finish the first draft of a full-length play...even a lousy one (which DEIRDRE WHEELER is not).... 
but writing "THE END" is just the beginning.

A play is strange beast. Part blue-print, part script, part score, part conveyance and part monster, it requires, even in its simplest incarnation, that complex and wilful presence, the HUMAN BEING!!!

Human  or  Monster? Is there any difference? Really?
Bette Davis as "Baby-Jane Hudson" in Warner Bros Film "Whatever Happened to Baby-Jane...?"

This play is being performed by 3 people.

The part of DEIRDRE WHEELER (WHEELS), one-time, on-the-“brink-of-greatness”-actress, now wheelchair bound wash-up, was written, with my friend, the actress, KATE HOOD in mind. KATE lives in Maldon, in the Central Highlands of Victoria and is, predominantly, a wheelchair user. She is not, however, in any way, shape or form, a career wash-up. In fact she will be performing her own work "The Other side of the Coin" at the Rex on the 10th August!

Kate Hood  

The part of BABY-DOLL WHEELER (DOLL) was, simply, honestly and, megalomaniacally, written for me, KARIN MAINWARING. She is a vain, implacable, drunken leech and I want to be just like her when I grow up. Does Art imitate Life? 

Karin Mainwaring

The part of KONSTANTINOS XENOKRITOS PATSATSOGLOU  (CON THE GREEK) was written with two dear Greek mates in mind. One (who I cannot not name for reasons which will become clear in the next  part of this sentence), declared the part a CAREER-KILLER. The other, TAS DIMITRAKAKIS has bravely stepped up to the plate. 

Tas Dimitrakakis 

As you can see this project embraces NEPOTISM.

The piece is being over-seen, facilitated and, in all likelihood, directed by Daylesford home-girl, JADE MCCUTCHEON. Jade has recently returned to Daylesford after many years pursuing, and creating, an enviable, international career as a theatre-practitioner and educator.

And that’s just the start…. 

Wayne Harrison, international impressario, has stepped up to the dramaturgical plate...
Wayne has this to say about "Whatever Happened to Deirdre Wheeler...?"

This play "contains some of the darkest, funniest writing Australian theatre has ever produced."

Love your work Wayne.


Saturday 24th August 2013 8pm.
Sunday 25th August 2013 2pm.




Because it's  The 2013 Words in Winter Festival

I want to use this blog to list and celebrate all the people who give something to this process, or who are, therefore, in the smallest ways, responsible for its genesis. 

A second draft has to be written and many more people have to be inveigled into playing their part, including, hopefully...

                                           YOU! THE AUDIENCE!!!

Should you wish to attend the performance you can book tix for either night by emailing 
$10.00 full price
$  5.00 concession.

This reading is for grown-ups. It requires a robust attitude to language, sex, booze, and damage (Physical and mental). And, let’s not forget, Comedy, because, over and above anything and everything else, we want to make you laugh!!!

Come along and be tickled. 

The image, "Lone Wheelchair" was taken by the fabulous Chandra Lampreich, a photographer and model with a love of the abandoned and evocative. You can view Chandra's work at Chandra Lampreich

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